California Fire Pilots Association
The Paso Robles Air Attack Base, located in Paso Robles in the CDF San Luis Obispo Unit, was established in 1968.

Paso Robles responds to an average of 350 calls per year.  Staff at the base consists of one battalion chief, two fire captains, one fire apparatus engineer, and five firefighters.   The complement of aircraft located at Paso Robles includes one OV-10 Bronco and two S-2T air tankers.

On average, the base pumps about 750,000 gallons of retardant a year. With the base’s pumps, loading pits and equipment, Paso Robles has a possible peak output of 300,000 gallons of retardant each day.

The base provides initial attack for southern Monterey County, western Fresno and Kings counties, northern Santa Barbara County and all of San Luis Obispo County: an initial attack area of approximately 6.5 million acres.

**This information is copied from the Calfire Website
Paso Robles